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How To Add Articles To WordPress Blog


First log into your website – usually its your domain name and /wp-admin at the end is the login page

Example –

Within your dashboard click on Posts on the lefthand side then on Add Newto add a new article


Then give your article a title in the title field and write your article within the description box.

To add an image within the article simply press the add an image button as shown in the following pic.  This will allow you to upload an image from your computer.

If you are using the Gazette Theme that has a thumbnail image on the front of your blog for your articles you may also want an image for this location.  To do this you will need the URL of the image you want displayed at the front of the blog for this article.  Click the add image button again and upload an image.  You will now see the following screen.  Copy the Link URL

You then paste the link URL address into the Gazette Edition Custom Settings at the bottom of the article your publishing as shown below:

Once you have finished add the article to a category choosing one from the right or creating a new one.  Then simply press Publish to publish the article to your blog.


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