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Getting on Page 1 of Google, Ultimate SEO Marketing Guide


The first thing you need to do is make sure your website has been optimised making sure you have the following (if you have bought a website from us then you can skip this section):

Website Optimisation Tips

1.) Making sure you have meta tags on your homepage
2.) All your pages have titles with your keywords
3.) Page names with your keywords (example – )
4.) Very good content on all your pages matching the keywords on your title and page name
5.) Having your main keyword on your pages in H1 font style towards the top of the page
6.) Having some of your keywords as anchor text (hyperlinks) that link to inner pages within your site
7.) Having a xml sitemap accessible from your homepage for search engines to find and crawl (helps with indexing your pages)
8.) Making sure your website is updated on a regular basis (ideally everyday). Best ways to do this is by having a blog, free directory, free article submission, forum as added features to your site

Marketing Your Website

The most recommend method for marketing your website is the organic method to get high rankings on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo, Msn etc.

Google will determine your rankings on searches by how many back links you have to your site, which means how many other websites have your link on. This lets google know that your website is very popular. If you can try to make sure that the sites that you have a back link on match the niche of your website. For example if you are an electronics website selling electronics try to have back links on other shopping websites selling similar products and services. This will make it easier for Google to understand what your website is all about.

Even better is if you can have keyword anchor text as your back links from other sites. For example instead of just putting your domain URL as a back link you could have your chosen keyword for example – cheap ipods – and when someone clicks on this they are directed to your website. This lets google know your website has cheap ipods and to place your rankings high up when someone uses this search term on google.

The HTML code to create a keyword anchor back link text is:

<a href=>YOUR KEYWORD TEXT</a>

Another good trick is to look at your competitors and find out how many back links they have and what other websites they have their links on. This will give you some idea of how they have achieve page 1 listings on google. To find out what back links your competition has you can do the following:

1.) On google get their domain name and search using their full domain name ( example – = over 1000 back links)

2.) On get your competitors URL and do the following entering the following in the search bar:

This will tell you how many back links they have and what websites they are on. A good theory is if you put your link on all the websites your competitor has, you will over time be next to them on top of Google.

A number of good ways to get back links is to try some of the following:

1.) Writing up articles about your products or services that you offer with your back links within your articles using the anchor text back link
2.) Writing in blogs leaving your links (e.g commenting on other peoples blogs)
3.) Exchanging links with other similar websites. Usually if you look towards to the bottom of most websites they have a Links page that allows you to exchange links with each other
4.) Submit your URL to free directories
5.) Submit your URL to DMOZ. Google loves this directory, altougth it can take months to get lising on there
6.) Submit your URL to social networking sites, forums
7.) Use Yahoo answers and other forums to answer peoples questions with a link to your website.
8.) Use a very good forum called ( and look for individuals offering the following services which will help with building your backlinks dramatically:

# Article submission service
# Free directory submission service
# Sponsoring wordpress themes that match the niche of your website (highly recommended)
# Sponsoring joomla themes that match the niche of your website
# Buying high PR (Pagerank) links of similar websites to yours
# Buying blogroll links on blogs

List of websites to submit your website to

Another method which you can use is setting up a pay per click campaign with Google adwords.

This works by paying Google everytime someone clicks on your link in Googles network of websites and search engine. You can set a budget for example 0.20p per click to your site. You can set a daily budget so you can pay for example 1,000 hits aday to your website.

Another very good way to promote your website and build back links to your site is to write in forums, blogs and social bookmarking sites. For example the following:

1) Yahoo answers

2) Forums and blogs that match your niche. For example if you have a finance website, look for forums to do with finance and people looking for loans etc..

3) Facebook. You can create a group on facebook with a link to your website and email this group to all your friends

4) Set up an email campaign and email several people your services

5) If you have a blog, write very good articles and Digg them on and if people like your article it will become very popular within the community and help with your rankings dramatically and popularity

Another option is to pay for an advert in your local paper telling them about your services and a link to your website

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