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Monetize Your Site With Adsense


If you have been in the internet marketing scene for more than 5 minutes, chances are that you have heard of Google Adsense. The way this program works is that you let Google serve ads on your site that are related to its content and get paid a certain amount whenever someone clicks on the ad and is redirected to the advertisers website. The amount will vary depending on what topic your site is about, as certain keywords fetch a higher amount than others.

While it is true that there are some webmasters who have become very successful with the Adsense program, some even becoming millionaires, most webmasters struggle to make just a few pennies a day with it and wonder what is wrong. In many cases it is not a lack of traffic to your site that is the problem, but rather the niche that your site is about.

As the prices of Adsense clicks will vary depending on which niche you target, in order to make the most money possible you will need to target niches that are high paying. These are the markets where advertisers are willing to pay more money per click. Naturally, you will need to find out what these niches are before you build a website related to them.

Anything that deals with finances, such as student loans, credit cards, refinancing and debt consolidation tends to fetch a lot of money per click. There are many other topics as well, such as health, diets and weight loss that pay quite well too.

Now the question is, how do you research your niches in order to find one that is truly high paying? There are many free tools that let you analyze pay per click keywords available online. One of the most popular ones is called SpyFu. It will give you an approximate amount of how much advertisers are currently paying for each click for certain keywords. Note that this is not the same amount that you will be getting per click in your Adsense account. Google splits the profit with you, but the exact amount that they keep and the price that they pay you as a publisher for each click will vary and are not published on their site. That being said, you can expect to receive slightly below 50% of the click price. In addition to SpyFu, you can use Google’s own Adwords Keyword tool in order to see how much advertisers will pay per click on average for a certain specific keyword.

While it may take you some time to build some sites around profitable niches and add good content that will attract visitors, the results will be well worth it, as your revenue will begin to increase much faster than with many of the low-paying keywords. Remember that your site will need unique and useful content and not just random spam in order for you to make the most profit out of the Google Adsense program.

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