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Adsense Alternatives – Chitika


As a website owner you have definitely heard of many different ways to monetize your site and its content. Some ways include running ads for affiliate products, CPA offers, or publishing pay per click ads. The latter is very popular with a lot of webmasters as it doesn’t actually require you to sell or promote anything. You get paid simply for users clicking on the ads and won’t have to worry about whether the click will convert on the advertisers side.

Any webmaster has probably already heard of using Google Adsense to monetize their site. Sure, they are the most commonly heard of name in the pay per click publishing industry, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t have any competition. Many other advertising networks are in operation right now and other competitors are sprouting up on a regular basis.

One advertising network that has proven to be reliable and innovative is Chitika. Generally speaking, they operate in a way that is similar to Adwords and the majority of advertising networks out there: you publish ads on your site and get paid every time a visitor clicks on them. But they also have a unique delivery option called Chitika Premium. It uses a concept called “behavioral targeting”, which means showing ads to visitors based on things that they are interesting in. This is accomplished by their service seeing which search terms visitors have used in order to locate your website or blog. Then, this keyword is displayed to the user, in addition to relevant ads specially targeted to that keyword. So if the user typed in the keyword “hotels”, they would see “Are you looking for hotels?” in the ad box, together with ads that would best fit this keyword. One small drawback of the premium service is that it only works for traffic that comes from search engines and is coming from the United States or Canada. If you have other types of traffic to your site, or international traffic, don’t worry though. Chitika will still display “regular” ads to these users, so you won’t lose out.

Payments are made on a NET 30 basis, which means that, for example, earnings that you have accumulated for the month of March will be paid at the end of the month of April. This is pretty much standard procedure among pay per click advertising networks and most CPA networks. One advantage of dealing with Chitika is that they support payment by PayPal. You just need to have earned over $10 for the month in question. You can also opt to receive payment by check, however in that case you would need to have earned a minimum amount of $50 in your Chitika account.

If you have a lot of search traffic that is coming from the US or Canada, then Chitika offers you a good way to get better CTR on your ads and it is definitely something worth trying.

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