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PPC Advertising vs. Organic SEO


Two different methods of internet marketing, each with their own advantages and disadvantages, are pay per click (PPC) advertising and organic SEO. Let us take quick look how to affectively use them and what some of the benefits and drawbacks are.

PPC Advertising

PPC is exactly what it sounds like, you pay every time somebody clicks your advertisement, the most popular PPC network is Google Adwords but there are many different providers of PPC programs. The most obvious benefits to PPC advertising are immediate exposure to your market, flexible plans for spending (theoretically the more you spend, the more traffic you get) and quite a bit of control over the whole operation. Using PPC advertising networks can be tricky but there are rules and guidelines that you can follow that will almost guarantee results.

PPC Adwords is based entirely around keywords, an advertiser bids on certain keywords so that every time their ad is shown and clicked, they pay a certain their bid amount. The tricky part is choosing quality keywords that will ensure your ads are being shown to people who should be seeing them. Let us say that you are selling a book on self help, what keywords would you bid for? Some will be obvious but out of your price range, for example “self help books” might be a bit above your budget, so you have to get creative. Try to put yourself in the mind of an internet browser who is looking to buy a book on self help; would you be searching for something like “ways to be happy” or for a product like “self help book to make me happy”? Figuring out what your target market wants is essential to a successful PPC campaign.

Organic SEO

Another option for advertising online is organic SEO, this is traditionally viewed as ranking for your keywords in search engines but has also recently referred to building reputation on social networks, for now we will focus on the benefits of ranking for your keywords.

Similar to PPC advertising, establishing an organic position in search engines is dependent on keywords. You want to target and optimize your website for keywords that will bring in visitors you want to have visiting your website, i.e. visitors who want to buy your products. There are many different ways to optimize your website and begin ranking online for your keywords, fortunately most of them from building backlinks to article marketing, be creative and use the internet for research, you will have more tactics than you know what to do with before too long.

PPC advertising and organic SEO are both viable and important options, both challenging, both potentially rewarding and can both bring you visitors, invest some time learning about them today to start converting more and earning more.

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