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Tips for Promoting Your Blog: Part 1


Now that you’ve created your blog and added some useful and informative content to it that is sure to keep your visitors interested in it, you may still have one issue: how to get more visitors to see your blog. We all know that in the online world, quality traffic to any website equals more money for the webmaster. But unless you send your blog to one friend and it suddenly goes viral (which can happen, though is very rare), you will need to take some action yourself in order to promote your blog to your targeted audience. This isn’t complicated and it simply requires that you follow a few tried and tested internet marketing tips. Here are some of them:

Establish Good SEO Practices

If you have a blog, then you’re already at a slight advantage over other sites, since search engines such as Google tend to love blogs. But you would still need to take some actions to give your blog “better SEO”. The first thing would be to think about the inclusion of targeted keywords in your blog posts. Optimize your posts for your targeted keywords by maintaining a density of around 1% to 2%. Try not to over do it, as it would look like you’re just keyword stuffing. Also, don’t force keywords in phrases where they would make no sense. Search engine algorithms have been updated recently to detect such things and you will end up being penalized for having nonsensical phrases in your posts that are obviously designed to boost your rankings rather than give your readers some useful content. There are a few plugins that will help you analyze the SEO qualities of your blog posts, for example SEO Pressor for WordPress. Use them to your advantage.

Link to it From Your Main Site

If you already have some steady traffic flowing to your main website, then including a link to your blog can be a logical thing to do. If you’ve just launched your blog, then including a mid size square button on your site or making an announcement on it can build some interest in your blog rather quickly and bring your some much needed traffic to it. After all, if your site visitors don’t know that your blog exists, they won’t visit it and will just stay on your website.

Announce it in your Email Campaigns or Link to it in your Email Signature

If your blog is new, having an entry about it in one of your email messages that you send to your mailing list is recommended. You already know the importance of linking to your main website in your messages by including a link to it in your signature at the bottom of the email. You can do the same thing with your blog in your subsequent communications to your customers. Of course, if you’ve made a new and interesting blog post, you can also make this the topic of one of your email newsletters. Rather than copying your blog post in your message, link to the relevant post on your blog.

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