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Tips for Using Blogs as a Traffic Source


Blogs can be a great source of traffic for your main website. If you are selling Android accessories for Android based cellphones, it would be a great idea to have a blog set up as a side project in order to do a few things:

  • Keep your buyers and customers informed.
  • Keep constant new information coming from your website which can then be picked up by Google.
  • Announce product updates, etc.

As an Android accessory sales website owner, your most important thing is to get users and visits who A) have Android phones and B) might potentially buy something. It can be a great attractor for your visitors to see that you have a blog because it gives a personal element to your site as well.

Blogs are one of the resources which are free or very cheap to set up. These services are one of the essential traffic sources that any advertising plan needs to get more exposure to specific websites. The common options do take time to increase in readers and thus improving the influence it can have on the audience. Well established Blogs are also an important resource when you use them wisely to help you provide traffic to your websites.

The most common option is to create a blog with a popular service and keep it updated. The blog can be anything relating to the business, products or services which are being offered. The more information that is placed on these blogs, the more can be indexed into search engines which will help route common searches to the blogs, which in turn could route traffic to the website(s) that need the traffic. This option does take time, but the great thing is that many blogs can be created and be about different subjects in the industry and still lead traffic to the same website(s).

The other option which works well is to keep watch for blogs that offer information about the same field or subject that relates to the websites needing promotion. These blogs will usually have comment sections that allow for comments from readers to be shown. Of course, many of these comment fields will be offered with spam protection so the comments need to sound natural to post without being filtered out. The way that these comments can help improve traffic to websites is the fact that they are usually indexed by search engines. They can be used to place a link back to the websites that are being promoted for additional search engine weight.

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